Saturday, May 22, 2010

In da Hospital

Dear all my frenz...

Sad t o say.. now I was in the hospital. Kuantan Medical Center... warded for more than 1 week...

Soryy no updates here... come soon... ok

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ugutan Bunuh TGNik Aziz

very very shocked that i read on this issue... somebody that, i dunno to say either his IMAN is there or not, or his mind already being controlled by the devil or maybe his is unconsciously, paranormal or sick (sakit) not giler, or his head being stings by the bees....

when a human said what ever the bad things he will do, automatically the right angel will noted as sins in the book of Sins.... and it will reducing your Iman & Takwa...
 dont do that ok...  pleaseeee pleeaseeee see yourself  first... who are you to judge & make punishment to the man that i believed (TNGA) is the most Alim, waraq, tinggi ngajinya, never left Solat and etc... COMPARED TO YOU BROO...!!!! what is your degrees?

I am typing with my poor english... bedal aaaaa...

this pics was taken from Oh! Tidak. (TQ for your courtesy) 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Real Advanture Driving...

If I have one.... sure i use it to climb the Kinabalu Mountain... hahahhaha

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Salary Day... !!!

This entry were dedicated to all husband, pakwe, balaks, or even jantan2 at outside there... just to ensure your money is much much utilised with "appropiate occasion" and you know the way to expend it WITH the best bandwith.. hahahhaha

Just joking... otherwise you will endup with "makan pasir" before the end of the month, before next salary payment !

be carefull and be counted in your monthly expenature statement or records...

The scenario : Husband and Wife "aja-aja-fighting" during salary day !.

Wife : Where is your salary?

Hubby : Hah... always asking about my money...
Wife : Show me your pockets !... (the clock clicking... )
Hubby : thinking to answer and .....Still thinking what she would to do next...

Husband : I will not give you all the money.... you will spend all my money !!!! Huhhh !
Wife : What ever!.. I want to go shopping now !!... i need the money... give me now.

Sometime after long fighting & argument
Wife : Thank you darling... muahhhhh !

Morale : for hubby.. ensure you have a plan backup before you reach your home,... hahhahaha
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